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About Me...

I'm Tim and I'm an Essex based personal trainer / online coach on a mission to help as many people I possibly can live a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

For me, life is all about a healthy balance. I encourage all of my clients to exercise regularly and eat well 80% of the time. However, to create long lasting habits, I also believe the remaining 20% should be based around spending time with family and friends, eating good food and having fun!

I've helped so many people all across the UK discover balance in their lifestyle. Showing people that regular exercise can bring not just physical, but amazing mental benefits too. 

Whether you're a beginner, new to to exercise or simply needing a bit of motivation to get going again. I promise to help you in building that healthy, happy lifestyle.

Either through 1-2-1 personal training, my online coaching or even my LIVE Instagram workouts... I hope to work with you soon!

Tim Pitman

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