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Online coaching which keeps you accountable...

How many times have 
you started a new training program, but after a week or two, seen yourself fall off the wagon and giving up? When it comes to seeing progress and long term results, it can be such a difficult challenge...

Trust me,  I know how frustrating it can be. I'm sure in the past you've tired numerous diets and training programs to try and get into shape, but yet, you still find yourself not seeing the results you want, time and time again!

After endless attempts to get in shape... It's easy to find yourself feeling demotivated and wanting to give up...

Unfortunately, your own motivation can only take you so far...

But imagine having someone there who is so passionate about helping you to become the best version of yourself. Someone who constantly has your back and supports you throughout your journey!

The key to long term success is having an effective plan in place (to suit your lifestyle) and to be held accountable for your progress and to ensure you have all the resources in place to finally achieve your fitness goals.

And by being held accountableI'm not just talking about someone checking in with you once a week to see how you're doing... I'm talking about someone being there to support you 24/7 throughout the entire program!


This is where I can help you... I'm looking for just 10 people to come on board with me in my brand new fat-loss plan "FIT IN SIX" 6-Week Program...

So why am I only offering this out to just 10 people? Quite simply... I will be working so closely with you all, I want to make sure that I give you everything. You will not experience accountability like it. I will be in touch with you every day, making sure you're staying on track of everything. Why? Because your results matter to me. If I can help you and make you happy... I've served my purpose!


So what does "FIT IN SIX" include? You will receive your very own 6-week tailored training plan to suit your own personal goals. Whether you prefer to train at home, or at the gym, I've got you covered!


I will also be providing tailored nutrition coaching, where I will be working out your calories and macronutrients to ensure you have all the tools you need to smash your fat-loss goals. We will be monitoring your nutrition closely through the MyFitnessPal App. 

On top of this... I will be doing regular daily check-insKeeping you accountable and ensuring you are staying on track of all your training and nutrition. 

Your tailored training, nutrition and regular check-in's can all be accessible on your very own easy to use App. Where you will also be able to communicate with me 24/7 with the instant message feature.

Alongside all of this... there will be a Private WhatsApp support group where you will receive all important updates as we progress throughout the 6-weeks. 

But wait... there's more! As an added BONUS, on top of your tailored training program, you are also going to receive FREE access to my Private Instagram LIVE Workouts PageFour brand NEW workouts each week (plus 400 on demand sessions to choose from) training in real time to help with motivation!

If you'd like to join me and just 9 others in the "FIT IN SIX" program and really make sure that you start seeing results... can take advantage of my early bird price of just £139.99 up until
Saturday 23rd December, after that, the program will return to its original price of £174.99.

I hope to work with you soon!

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